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Well, I've managed to introduce myself to some of the staff at least. Most of them seem as nice as local gossip puts them, but I am not impressed by the newest member. His sole redeeming feature seems to be the fact that he will apologize if he insults you, (something that goes far further than it should, due to societies current trends consisting largely of lack of manners) but he doesn't seem to be capable of thinking before opening his mouth. How anyone who introduces themselves with the words 'so you're the fucking secretary' managed to get through life, and acquire a decent job I doubt I will ever know.

Rant over and done with (completely unintended, but these things always seem determined to be heard don't they?) I'm taking Alice to the cinema tonight, she has decided to go and see 'Harry Potter'. Again. I've no objection, but I cannot understand how a five year old can be so fascinated. She never normally has the attention span to sit through 'Muppet Treasure Island' let alone a film the length of 'Harry Potter', but she has managed it twice already. So it's dinner at McDonalds, then the cinema. How I spoil that child.
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