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Bright eyed and Bushy tailed.

I am wide awake. I did not wake up at 4:30 because there was a re-run of three CSI:Miami episodes that I had not seen. I did not get up to set the video, and did not fall asleep on the sofa having decided to watch the first episode. As I did none of this, i am wide awake. Of course, I could be lying.

I have a bunch of letters on my desk to take around, the phone was ringing as I arrived and hasn't stopped until now so I didn't have the chance earlier. Do we want double glazing? And is there anyone here by the name of Ms. Asterdinky? I didn't think so. There was not one phone call in the lot actually worth listening to, unless you count the old lady with arthritis who thought I was her daughter, and was too deaf to hear me attempting to tell her she had the wrong number.
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