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I hate Christmas.

Which is a complete lie, I love it to bits, but trying to work, find a way to keep Alice happy while I spend even less time with her than normal and hide her presents somewhere where she can't find them is wearing thin.

I found this for her though, which she's been asking for every time it features in an advert. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get hold of? Apparently every girl in the state wants this thing for Christmas and it's impossible to get hold of. However there's this tiny shop down an alley off Mott street that still had one left. I've managed to get all my shopping done, even my secret santa which was even harder than the pony. I found this, but figured it was a little too inappropriate. So this and this instead.

Have to finish packing tonight as we leave for Texas late tomorrow. Christmas just isn't Christmas unless it's spent on a ranch surrounded by tourists.

And Ron? Are you around on the 28th? We get back late Monday and Alice has a present for you. :grin: You'll love it.
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