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No it isn't an euphemism for anything, Alice and I have been baking all day (literally, we switched on the oven at 10 and have just finished the washing up). We're surrounded by flapjacks, cakes and biscuits. Alice is having a sleep over and we've cooked all the snacks rather than buying them. I even have dough raising on the side for their mini-pizzas later. [/super-mom] I must be insane. While we've had a great day, I think we may have over done things slightly and I'll probably end up bringing a ton of sweets in to work for the break room. I hope no one's dieting, they'll probably kill me. XD Not to mention that four five and six year old girls are about to descend on my humble flat. We get to plait hair and watch Disney films while stuffing our faces with cakes and chocolate cookies. I'm so regressing to my childhood right now. Any minute I'll demand to be allowed to help the men round up the cattle and refuse to do my chores if I can't. XD

There's the first of them, I'm insane. I must be.
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