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Anne James

Below are the 24 most recent journal entries.


  2005.04.09  09.27

We need a girl's night out. It was mentioned vaguely a while ago, but nothing actually happened. However I'm in desperate need of girlyoutness of the sort that doesn't involve children. Therefore I'm suggesting a girl's night out. Just in case you hadn't guessed. XD

Otherwise I shall have to resort to huge amounts of baking in order to entertain myself and will bring triple chocolate cookies of the overly large and gooey variety into the office. And then if people still won't give me non-work related things to do I'll bring more and more in everyday. Of course knowing my luck you'll all hold off just for the treats. I've restless feet here, people, help me out!


  2005.03.05  02.36

God help me, Ron's due around for dinner at any moment and Jenny's just dropped her three on me while she picks up her mom from the airport, How glad am I that the food won't spoil if we have to wait? I have four kids trying to work out how to play exploding snap with ordinary cards on my floor and no way to warn Ron before he turns up. XD I'm going to try to control the chaos.


  2005.03.04  13.21

o.0 Missed something, I think. So not liking the office today.

I'm doing a coffee/tea/cake run, if anyone wants anything and then I'm hiding behind my desk for the rest of the day.


  2005.03.03  02.57

I haven't updated this thing in so long! Since Alice's party in fact. Which was great fun and I enjoyed immensely, but I will never, ever repeat again. Five children high on sugar is a bad thing. Five children high on sugar cooking pizza is a Bad Thing. Five children high on sugar watching disney at 11pm brings the building Superintendent upstairs with a Noise Complaint demanding to know what's going on. So, never again. Even if it was fun.

Ron's coming around for dinner on Friday, finally. He was supposed to come weeks ago, but with one thing or another we couldn't manage it. Alice is bouncing off the walls and demanding to be allowed to cook dinner. Burnt fish finger butties okay with you Ron?

And now I'm going to bed, because work is looking less and less appetizing with every passing minute.


  2005.01.22  17.53

No it isn't an euphemism for anything, Alice and I have been baking all day (literally, we switched on the oven at 10 and have just finished the washing up). We're surrounded by flapjacks, cakes and biscuits. Alice is having a sleep over and we've cooked all the snacks rather than buying them. I even have dough raising on the side for their mini-pizzas later. [/super-mom] I must be insane. While we've had a great day, I think we may have over done things slightly and I'll probably end up bringing a ton of sweets in to work for the break room. I hope no one's dieting, they'll probably kill me. XD Not to mention that four five and six year old girls are about to descend on my humble flat. We get to plait hair and watch Disney films while stuffing our faces with cakes and chocolate cookies. I'm so regressing to my childhood right now. Any minute I'll demand to be allowed to help the men round up the cattle and refuse to do my chores if I can't. XD

There's the first of them, I'm insane. I must be.

Mood: hyper

  2005.01.05  23.36

Christmas and New Year were brilliant.

Christmas was spent on the Ranch and there's nothing like thirty people all sitting down to have Christmas dinner together. There was half the family there, which was great, I've not seen Aunt Bonnie since she got married. Mom spent the half the time teasing her about the lack of children, but if I know the glint in Luke's eye then it won't be long. Gran and Gramps brought Nana with them and stayed a couple of days, but none of them like being away from home for too long and the went back to Aylth before I left. ALex, Lydia and the twins were there of course, and Lydia's sister Mammy (I think it's a pet name, or a refusal to let her kids grow up, Lydia's mom seemed far too sensible to actually name a kid that) brought her second husband and the five kids she has from the two marriages. No idea how the woman manages it. Then Jack came down for Christmas day, which sent Alice into raptures, even if her enjoyment was dampened slightly by the fact he brought his latest girlfriend along. He's never done that before, I wonder if he's actually serious about this one? He also brought Max, who I haven't seen since college and had great fun catching up with. He moved to Canada apparently and spends most of his time surrounded with snow. He claimed he only came to spend Christmas with us because he wanted to get away from said snow and seemed very put out when it snowed during the day. That's right, it did indeed snow on Christmas day in Texas. We got to take the horses riding in the snow and build a snowman! Uh, I can't even remember who else was there, to many of us to pay attention! XD Spent Boxing day watching the kids put on a pantomime for us, then started to teach Alice to ride on the Monday, She was fine though Gene managed to fall while trying to show off. ALice's big enough for her own pony now, as long as she doesn't go riding off on her own, I'll have to ask Mom about getting one for her. Then we came back on Tuesday morning instead of monday night and collapsed.

New years was nice and quiet by contrast, just me, Alice, Jenny and her brood. The kids were more-a-less asleep by midnight and we managed to get nicely drunk and toast the New Year.

Ron? Please tell me you're free to come to dinner one night? Alice is going frantic that you haven't had your present and demands to see Uncle Bloomy. Asked about you on Christmas day actually, she's really taken a shining to you. I'm free anytime, but Alice is invited to a friends for tea on Friday.

Mood: chipper

  2004.12.23  21.31
I hate Christmas.

Which is a complete lie, I love it to bits, but trying to work, find a way to keep Alice happy while I spend even less time with her than normal and hide her presents somewhere where she can't find them is wearing thin.

I found this for her though, which she's been asking for every time it features in an advert. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get hold of? Apparently every girl in the state wants this thing for Christmas and it's impossible to get hold of. However there's this tiny shop down an alley off Mott street that still had one left. I've managed to get all my shopping done, even my secret santa which was even harder than the pony. I found this, but figured it was a little too inappropriate. So this and this instead.

Have to finish packing tonight as we leave for Texas late tomorrow. Christmas just isn't Christmas unless it's spent on a ranch surrounded by tourists.

And Ron? Are you around on the 28th? We get back late Monday and Alice has a present for you. :grin: You'll love it.

Mood: chipper

  2004.11.13  23.52

So, Halloween party was great fun. Went in my little red riding hood costume which I haven't worn since I was in College, but it was really topped off by Alice deciding (of her own accord, without knowing anything about my costume) that she wanted to go as a wolf. I love my daughter. :p

I missed the girls night out though, which was a shame as it sounds like everyone had a lot of fun, but I couldn't get a babysitter for Alice. We had fun though, made popcorn and ate ice cream while watching 'Pocahontas'.

I had a phone call of three different relatives last night. Mom phoned to ask if I was coming down to the Ranch for Christmas, but I still haven't decided yet. Alice wants to see her Grammie as much as Mom wants to see her, but I need to work out everything else before I decide. They're going to try to foal Tika again, and Lissie as well. Alex has officially taken over management of the ranch and Mom and Pops have gone into an early semi-retirement. They still do the cooking and take out treks, but they're both getting to old to break in the horses or help round up the cattle.

Second phone call was off Nina, thanking me for taking Fred in. Apparently he had a really good time. I still can't work out why Ninny is marring him, but maybe he livens up when she's around.

Last phone call off Jack. He's due in New York for some reason and want to see Alice. He's only here overnight, so he gets the flat and I'm going around to Trish's as we haven't had a girls night in for months.

Off to bed.


  2004.10.08  14.47

E-mail to Ronald BloomCollapse )


  2004.09.21  02.02
Following the pack.

Your LJ Prison by redfrog021
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Comes to see you for 'conjugal visits'c_griffith
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Because I'm a shameless sheep.

My second cousin's husband's youngest sister's fiance is coming to New York and I'm putting him up for a couple of weeks. Can anyone recommend a good restaurant to take a British banking executive to? It's not exactly my usual company.


  2004.09.14  16.34

Newbie at the office I see. No post yet so I'll have to haunt the break room in an attempt to introduce myself.

Of course I could just say hello.

And Mr. Bloom had a lady visitor the other day. I'm off to tease. XD


  2004.08.31  20.20

So Jack has left.

It actually was easier than I could have imagined. Once we got over the initial oh-hell-I'm-sharing-a-bed-with-my-ex-and-can't-touch thing it was alright. We laughed over everything we used to do, took Alice to see a film, had a picnic. It was good.

Now, though, she's moping around. Of course, she starts school tomorrow, so that will take her mind of the fact that he's gone.

My baby starts school tomorrow. >.<

She's all grown up.

Mood: anxious

  2004.08.26  00.50

Jack's here.

I never really thought he'd turn up. Or what it would mean if he did. I mean, the last time he came to visit, we were at my parents and he stayed in one of the guest rooms at the other side of the building. I don't have a guest room. Which means I'm sharing with Jack.

I'm glad he's here, I really am, if only for the look on Alice's face as she realized her Daddy was her to visit. He's been on a dig in Mexico apparently, decided to give Archeology a try. Bought her an entirely worthless, but ever so pretty fake Aztec bracelet thing. It's supposedly a copy of the bracelet worn by some princess sacrificed to the gods in an attempt to prevent the flow of Spaniards into their territory.

We were fine though, even after Alice went to bed. We chatted about old times, reminisced over our old university life, even about our time together, but then we began to get tired and the realization that we'd be sharing a bed reared its ugly head.

Which is why there is a half naked Jack in my bed and I'm typing this at 1am when I have work tomorrow.

I really don't want to go to bed.

Mood: uncomfortable

  2004.08.16  13.27

There are chocolate chip coookies and flapjacks in the break room for anyone who wants them.

Help yourselves.


  2004.08.06  00.34


Jeff Buckley is my god. How many albums did he do? Please tell me there is more!


  2004.08.05  13.23
Thoughts on life, the Universe and everything.

I really like it here.

I love this job, I'm starting to get to know the staff, I don't hate anyone, and no one irritates me. It's also great to know that the only young girl to disappear into my bosses office is the bosses daughter.

I used to wake up every morning and know I was going to face at least one moral dilemma a day. Now however, I don't feel (and have to repress) the urge to tell everyone who comes to the office or phones to run while they still can. I don't need to watch some beautiful child who should still be in school disappear into the office and know what was going on behind the door and that no matter good she was, she would never see a contract. The bastard has some lovely who's made it trans-atlantic too on his label and that one contract could put his grandchildren through collage. >.<

However he still hasn't found someone to replace me, so no more moral dilemma. If he has to answer the phones he needs to keep his damn pant zipped up. I've half a mind to report him anyway, he doesn't hold my paycheck anymore. Alice and I will still eat if he rots.

On a similar vein, Alice has settled in fine with Jen's children and loves the nanny.

Her Dad is going to be paying her a visit and will arrive on the 11th. Although I'm really not looking forward to sharing a flat with him again, even if it is only for a week. >.<

Shadowfax has foaled again and they're both fine and healthy.

Last but not least, Alex has sent me a new cook book. Am dying to try it out, so there may be random cookies/flapjacks/cakes appearing in the break room.

Mood: contemplative

  2004.08.01  14.51

Because I'm bored out of my mindCollapse )

It also occurred to me that the last time I went out without my daughter was more than six months go. Ouch.

Mood: bored

  2004.07.20  13.34

Remind me why I love my daughter? Other than the fact that she's the best thing that every happened to me of course.

It was her 5th birthday yesterday and her party on Sunday. Hellishly bothersome, but a wonderful throwback to my own childhood at the same time. I have a huge amount of sympathy for my Mother, she had to raise two of us and now she has two grandchildren at home as well. Twins, boys which makes it even worse. Of course she had Dad to help. Jack didn't even call for Alice's birthday. He'd better show up this summer.

Back to work.

Mood: accomplished

  2004.07.06  19.27

Whoever thought is was a good idea to get drunk has never been awoken by a 4 year old the next morning. A bubbly 4 year old. I swear I will never drink again, 'Alice in Wonderland' is an unfair punishment to inflict on the hungover.

However, I actually found the time to read 'Isolde' over the weekend. It's been sitting on my shelf for ages, but I've never found the time to read it. I love it, though, not quite in the league of 'Mists of Avalon', but close. I've missed my regular dose of Arthurian tales, but I've lost my copy of 'Mists' - I think I lent it to my sister-in-law, but she says she hasn't seen it.

I have the urge for peanut butter sandwiches.


  2004.06.29  09.43
Bright eyed and Bushy tailed.

I am wide awake. I did not wake up at 4:30 because there was a re-run of three CSI:Miami episodes that I had not seen. I did not get up to set the video, and did not fall asleep on the sofa having decided to watch the first episode. As I did none of this, i am wide awake. Of course, I could be lying.

I have a bunch of letters on my desk to take around, the phone was ringing as I arrived and hasn't stopped until now so I didn't have the chance earlier. Do we want double glazing? And is there anyone here by the name of Ms. Asterdinky? I didn't think so. There was not one phone call in the lot actually worth listening to, unless you count the old lady with arthritis who thought I was her daughter, and was too deaf to hear me attempting to tell her she had the wrong number.

Mood: amused

  2004.06.25  10.34

Well, I've managed to introduce myself to some of the staff at least. Most of them seem as nice as local gossip puts them, but I am not impressed by the newest member. His sole redeeming feature seems to be the fact that he will apologize if he insults you, (something that goes far further than it should, due to societies current trends consisting largely of lack of manners) but he doesn't seem to be capable of thinking before opening his mouth. How anyone who introduces themselves with the words 'so you're the fucking secretary' managed to get through life, and acquire a decent job I doubt I will ever know.

Rant over and done with (completely unintended, but these things always seem determined to be heard don't they?) I'm taking Alice to the cinema tonight, she has decided to go and see 'Harry Potter'. Again. I've no objection, but I cannot understand how a five year old can be so fascinated. She never normally has the attention span to sit through 'Muppet Treasure Island' let alone a film the length of 'Harry Potter', but she has managed it twice already. So it's dinner at McDonalds, then the cinema. How I spoil that child.

Mood: annoyed

  2004.06.24  15.55

I swear I must have the only daughter on the planet capable of giving herself illness at will. I'm not talking about the mythical tummy ache or the reputed pains that all children seem to acquire when their parent leaves them with another person for an extended amount for time. No, I start a new job and my daughter goes and gives herself the flu. So I've spent the last week, running home at every opportunity, including my lunch break.

Now however, she's feeling well enough that she doesn't need me there, so I can start doing my job properly. Not that I've fallen behind on the actual work, but due to the fact that I'm constantly running the minute I can I've still not managed to introduce myself. So today I'm going around every office and cubby hole under the pretense of collecting post so that I can let everyone else here know that they do actually have a secretary. It's good to be back.

Mood: amused

  2004.06.17  12.58

Well, so far the day been fine, just sorting out the desk (no wonder they wanted a secretary, it was a mess) really, answered a couple of calls, made tea. There hasn't been much to do, except the desk. I don't think the office has quite caught on yet that I'm here, they're so much in the habit of doing everything themselves that they haven't thought just yet to make me do it. Though I refuse to do coffee runs anymore than any other new staff member would.

There goes the phone, back to work!

Mood: content

  2004.06.16  16.02
New Job

I start my new job tomorrow. As secretary again, but for a newspaper this time. The New York Journal. I'm really looking forward to it actually, though after the last job I'd look forward to shoveling shit for a living, but honestly the job sounds brilliant, good pay, reasonable hours, nice people from what I've heard. And if the interview was anything to go by, this boss isn't going to have me hold every call for an hour while he interviews every young girl with hopes of a pop career. You hear about the casting couch all the time, but actually encountering it? It's different and wrong. Some of those girls were so young, I hope I manage to raise Alice with the sense she needs to avoid situations like that.

Talking of which, she is going to spend the summer with Jenny's children next door the Nanny is very good and hardly charges an extra cent for another child. Alice's ecstatic at the thought at the moment, but I've no doubt that once the novelty rubs off she'll start demanding I take days off and spend them with her, still it will do her some good, she's been getting a little too dependant on my company for my liking. Her father has decided to grace us with his presence over the summer as well, that should take her mind off my absence, at least until he takes off again. Hopefully though, once he leaves she will have the prospect of starting school in the fall to focus on.

That was the oven, I'd better check on the lamb. Last night of unemployment begins now.

Mood: cheerful