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I really like it here.

I love this job, I'm starting to get to know the staff, I don't hate anyone, and no one irritates me. It's also great to know that the only young girl to disappear into my bosses office is the bosses daughter.

I used to wake up every morning and know I was going to face at least one moral dilemma a day. Now however, I don't feel (and have to repress) the urge to tell everyone who comes to the office or phones to run while they still can. I don't need to watch some beautiful child who should still be in school disappear into the office and know what was going on behind the door and that no matter good she was, she would never see a contract. The bastard has some lovely who's made it trans-atlantic too on his label and that one contract could put his grandchildren through collage. >.<

However he still hasn't found someone to replace me, so no more moral dilemma. If he has to answer the phones he needs to keep his damn pant zipped up. I've half a mind to report him anyway, he doesn't hold my paycheck anymore. Alice and I will still eat if he rots.

On a similar vein, Alice has settled in fine with Jen's children and loves the nanny.

Her Dad is going to be paying her a visit and will arrive on the 11th. Although I'm really not looking forward to sharing a flat with him again, even if it is only for a week. >.<

Shadowfax has foaled again and they're both fine and healthy.

Last but not least, Alex has sent me a new cook book. Am dying to try it out, so there may be random cookies/flapjacks/cakes appearing in the break room.
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