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Jack's here.

I never really thought he'd turn up. Or what it would mean if he did. I mean, the last time he came to visit, we were at my parents and he stayed in one of the guest rooms at the other side of the building. I don't have a guest room. Which means I'm sharing with Jack.

I'm glad he's here, I really am, if only for the look on Alice's face as she realized her Daddy was her to visit. He's been on a dig in Mexico apparently, decided to give Archeology a try. Bought her an entirely worthless, but ever so pretty fake Aztec bracelet thing. It's supposedly a copy of the bracelet worn by some princess sacrificed to the gods in an attempt to prevent the flow of Spaniards into their territory.

We were fine though, even after Alice went to bed. We chatted about old times, reminisced over our old university life, even about our time together, but then we began to get tired and the realization that we'd be sharing a bed reared its ugly head.

Which is why there is a half naked Jack in my bed and I'm typing this at 1am when I have work tomorrow.

I really don't want to go to bed.
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