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New Job

I start my new job tomorrow. As secretary again, but for a newspaper this time. The New York Journal. I'm really looking forward to it actually, though after the last job I'd look forward to shoveling shit for a living, but honestly the job sounds brilliant, good pay, reasonable hours, nice people from what I've heard. And if the interview was anything to go by, this boss isn't going to have me hold every call for an hour while he interviews every young girl with hopes of a pop career. You hear about the casting couch all the time, but actually encountering it? It's different and wrong. Some of those girls were so young, I hope I manage to raise Alice with the sense she needs to avoid situations like that.

Talking of which, she is going to spend the summer with Jenny's children next door the Nanny is very good and hardly charges an extra cent for another child. Alice's ecstatic at the thought at the moment, but I've no doubt that once the novelty rubs off she'll start demanding I take days off and spend them with her, still it will do her some good, she's been getting a little too dependant on my company for my liking. Her father has decided to grace us with his presence over the summer as well, that should take her mind off my absence, at least until he takes off again. Hopefully though, once he leaves she will have the prospect of starting school in the fall to focus on.

That was the oven, I'd better check on the lamb. Last night of unemployment begins now.
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